OOH My Media, OOH media management platform, receives investment from Cedro Capital
August 23, 2023

OOH My Media brings to the market a management platform for exhibitors and an OOH campaign management system for advertisers and agencies.

Cedro Capital has just announced an investment in OOH My Media, a Brasilia-based AdTech company that has developed a technological platform aimed at solving the end-to-end journey of outdoor media for exhibitors, agencies and advertisers.

On the exhibitors’ side, OOH My Media offers various features for managing advertising spaces, billboards, frontlights and other formats. On the side of advertisers and agencies, it delivers a solution to facilitate the planning and contracting of outdoor media for their advertising campaigns.

Although the amount of the investment has not been disclosed, the thesis of the investment in OOH My Media attracted Cedro Capital’s attention due to the current characteristics of the OOH media market. According to data from Cenp-Meios, in 2022 alone, the sector generated R$2.160 billion, representing an increase of 27.9% compared to 2021.

“This market has a very peculiar characteristic: we find a few companies, including multinationals, which are very large and dominant in the major centers, and, at the same time, a very large scattering of exhibitors distributed throughout the country. The founding partners are executives with extensive experience in the advertising sector, and they have innovated by developing a solution that transforms this journey of contracting and managing outdoor media,” says Alessandro Machado, managing partner of Cedro Capital.

How it works

At the moment, OOH My Media operates in Brasília and 20 other states. It has more than 11,000 assets registered on its platform, under the management of a growing number of exhibitors, exceeding 15 different outdoor media formats, from the traditional to the more innovative such as Rentbrella’s shared umbrellas and Carrega+’s backseats, the company that introduced the format to the market.

In practice, the startup offers many advantages. One of them is the possibility for agencies and advertisers to buy media directly from exhibitors, negotiating with their sellers quickly through the platform. But the most important is the ease of planning campaigns with multiple formats, guaranteeing coverage and frequency in the place of interest. This facilitated purchasing increases the consideration of OOH, including by micro and small businesses that want to gain greater visibility, perception of value and, consequently, increase the average value of their transactions. These companies stopped advertising in outdoor media because of the complexity involved and the perception that there were only unviable formats for their budgets.

“We reduce the barriers to entry for these advertisers, present a variety of formats to suit all budgets, provide data that allows for the technical selection of spots, all so that they can see the results and gradually increase their investments. We work to ensure that more and more companies consider outdoor media,” adds Fabiano Abreu, founder of OOH My Media.

The platform plays an important role in organizing inventory and qualifying exhibitors, providing various functionalities that optimize their operations, allowing their salespeople to negotiate, via the platform, with agencies and advertisers at the right moment in the planning and purchasing journey of their campaigns.

With this investment, OOH My Media plans to make even more functionalities available to all players, allowing for a more agile and intelligent journey of planning, buying and evaluating the results of outdoor media campaigns.

“With the support of OOH My Media, exhibitors gain more prominence, agencies are recognized for their strategic role and creative potential, and entrepreneurs have their businesses promoted to the right audience, with a wide reach,” concludes Fabiano.