Study identifies 17 groups that carry out cyberattacks on companies in the country
January 12, 2022

Source: Metrópoles


Report shows that Brazil ranks first in the ranking of countries with the largest number of hacker groups in Latin America.

A study has identified 17 groups active in cyber-attacks in Brazil. According to the report, 71 organizations in the country suffered attacks from January 2020 to July 2021.

Those responsible for the attacks are known as ransomware groups – a type of software (malware) that installs itself on computers and systems, encrypts and steals the data. The groups then threaten to spread such data on the so-called dark web and demand ransom payments.

“These are attacks that are primarily aimed at profit, they rarely have political or espionage motivations,” explains Sandro Süffer, founder and CEO of the company that did the study, Apura.

According to the study, after Brazil, Mexico, with 10, and Argentina, with six, are among the countries with the largest number of groups in Latin America.

In addition, the report names Prometheus as the most active group, with 21 victims since its formation in February of this year. These groups constantly change their names to avoid identification. The suspicion is that Prometheus has currently changed the name of the operation to Spook.

See the complete list of ransomware groups identified in Brazil:

  • Avaddon
  • Conti
  • DarkSide
  • Egregor
  • Everest
  • LockBit
  • MAZE
  • Mount Locker
  • Nephilim
  • NetWalker
  • Prometheus
  • Pysa
  • Ragnar_Locker
  • Ragnarok
  • RansomEXX
  • Sekhmet
  • Sodinokibi (REvil)

The full report is available for download on the Apura Cybersecurity website