Trampay raises up to R$5 million to bring credit solutions to informal workers
May 5, 2023

Social impact of the solutions and products, especially for self-employed drivers, are Trampay’s market focus

Trampay, a fintech specialized in financial solutions for informal workers, has just been contemplated with the investment from Cedro Capital, the values may reach up to R$ 5 million. According to one of Cedro’s partners, Bruno Brito, “the social impact of the services offered by Trampay” was decisive for the investment. The funds will be used to expand not only Trampay’s services, but also its territorial coverage.

“Trampay’s plans with the investment received are aimed at expanding its operations in the country, fostering service in new locations with new points of contact with its target audience. Also, to evolve its technology platform, especially in the banking services modules, and to expand the offer of benefit products for its customers”, explains Bruno Brito, managing-director of Cedro Capital.

The fintech started operating in 2020, and by 2022 it had performed more than 400,000 financial and credit transactions for more than 10,000 workers in the sharing economy, moving more than R$50 million.

Today, various financial services, insurance and benefit plans, support points for workers, a network of partners, and awards are among the products offered.

Born in Brasília, and today operating in São Paulo and in more than 400 cities in Brazil, Trampay is dedicated to offering financial products and solutions mainly to app and motorcycle drivers, delivery drivers, and other professionals of the so-called “shared economy”, known as “Gig Workers”.

Trampay’s numbers are impressive: last year, more than 400,000 transactions were performed, which moved around R$50 million. As a result, the fintech’s revenues have multiplied eightfold. Started last June, a first credit fund has already lent more than R$8 million, with zero default, the company stresses. “We are present in more than 400 cities in Brazil,” Jorge Júnior points out.