XVISION receives R$1.5 million from Cedro Capital to expand its operations
September 4, 2018


Source: Iforchannel

Omnichannel platform is already used by clients such as Grupo Tecar, Mega Moda, Expresso Satélite Norte, Viação Xavante, RodeRotas, Grupo Mariza, LedWave and Duro PVC

With the proposal of using technology to integrate, streamline and sophisticate the relationship channels of the companies with their clients, Xvision Tecnologia has just received an investment of R$ 1.5 million from the Venture Brasil Central fund, managed by Cedro Capital. With the investment, the company intends to add new functionalities to its platform, besides expanding its capillarity in the country.

“With the advent of social networks, chats and applications, consumers now have the possibility of expressing and positioning themselves through an infinity of distinct channels, creating the challenge for companies to be present in various places at the same time. Our platform searches, organizes and consolidates all of this information, allowing us to anticipate demands, create synergies and manage eventual crises in real time”, affirms Alexandre Solera, CEO of Xvision Tecnologia.

In addition to managing customer relationships, the multifunctional cloud platform has an integrated application development module. “Today, 49% of Brazilians who are online access the Internet exclusively through their cell phones, but developing an application to talk directly to this public is often inaccessible for small and medium companies. With this in mind, we created in our platform a solution that enables this process at an accessible cost and in a short period of time,” says Solera.

Among Xvision’s performance niches are vehicle dealers, hospitals, clinics, and transport companies, such as Grupo Tecar, Saint Martin Peugeot, Expresso Satélite Norte, Viação Xavante, RodeRotas, Clinica São Marcelo, Grupo Mariza, Duro PVC, LedWave, Mega Moda Shopping, Hotel Mega Moda, and Partake Incorporadora.

According to Alessandro Machado, a partner at Cedro Capital, XVision Tecnologia’s innovative solution meets a latent demand in the market, which is the commitment to quality care. “We believe that the sales process does not end in the transaction, quite the contrary. Transforming a consumer into a customer itself requires companies to provide integrated and proactive customer service channels, especially in the post-sale period. XVision Technology’s platform efficiently meets this need for multi-presence and personalized customer service.