Prosas raises R$ 4 million from KPTL and Cedro Capital
December 6, 2023

Source: startupi

he GovTech Fund, managed by KPTL and Cedro Capital, has just announced an investment of R$4 million in Prosas, a govtech from Minas Gerais that connects public and private organizations that support social and cultural projects with entrepreneurs (project operators), including civil society organizations, businesses with a social impact and individuals.

Prosas’ technology has already been used to manage more than 1,500 calls for proposals, which have received more than 185,000 requests for support. In the last two months alone, more than 200 calls for proposals have been launched on the platform and 40,000 projects have been received.

Investment in Prosas aims to improve the platform’s structure

Thiago Alvim, CEO and Founder of Prosas, says the company is committed to efficiency and transparency in addressing social challenges. “I believe that problem-solving is intrinsically linked to the connection between those who have the resources and those who have the projects to make an impact. Where there is little trust, there is little exchange, and transaction costs increase. We are a tool for increasing execution efficiency and transparency, reducing costs and improving the effectiveness of connections. When resources are scarce, they need to be allocated wisely,” he says.

Adriano Pitoli, Head of KPTL’s Govtech Fund, emphasized the importance of Prosas’ contribution to the social and cultural sector. “We work late to generate returns for our investors and wake up early to create an impact on society. In Brazil, there are several incentive and promotion laws focused on cultural and social sectors, in addition to the Rouanet Law. Even large companies don’t have enough specialists to navigate this complex landscape. Prosas simplifies this process, from selecting the most qualified operators to meet the requirements of each public notice to the final execution of projects, whether for public institutions or private companies,” he says.

According to the startup, the investment made by KPTL will be fundamental to guaranteeing improvements to the platform’s infrastructure, with a view to stability and the best use and experience for customers and social entrepreneurs.